OPEN HOUSE 2021-2022

Holy Cross will not be having an Open House this year, but you are invited to virtually find out about our school here.  February 2nd, 2021 is the first day that Holy Cross will be accepting applications from New Students.

2021-2022 Registrations

Registrations are being accepted for the 2021/22 school year. We are a co-educational, Kindergarten to Grade 8 school, offering a Pre-Kindergarten program as well as everyday, full-day Kindergarten. For information on registering, please click here for our admissions page or call the office at 204-237-4936.

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Holy Cross School has moved exclusively to remote learning until Friday, June 18th, 2021

Holy Cross School has moved exclusively to remote learning for grades K-8 until Friday, June 18th.  Students who are children of critical care workers from grade PreK - Grade 6 can come to school beginning Thursday, May 13th until Thursday, June 29th.  We are opening the school for small groups to come in the week of June 21st - 25th.  Please contact your homeroom teacher if you are interested in sending your child into school one day that week.

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

Charlee's Lunch Program has been suspended  until further notice.  A credit will be issued for any orders placed on April 27th or onward.


Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

E-mail Parent Advisory Council: pacholycrossschool@gmail.com.



There will be a new process for ordering Charlee's this school year.  Charlee's will send two calendars home with the parents - paper copies. Parents will have to highlight their choice and pay for the amount chosen via cash or cheque. (Charlee's also offers e-transfer and credit card to make it easier for parents). The highlighted order form and payment will need to be returned to the office a week prior to the start of the month. The second calendar is for parents' own records, so they can highlight it as well so they know when their kids don't need to bring lunch in.  

Charlee's Lunch Program has been suspended until further notice.  A credit wll be given to orders already placed from Tuesday, April 27th onwards.

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