June 2019 Newsletter

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians:
This year our Spring Tea had a very high turnout and it was wonderful to see such a tremendous support from our community. I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making this event a success. A warm thank you goes out to Mrs. Cheryl Munro for taking on a challenge of directing this major function. To all the teachers, volunteers and educational assistants, a special thank you for your dedication and annual support of this endeavor.
We have approximately one month left of academic activities and I’m sure that all of you are busy rapping up your school assignments, field trips and looking forward to a warm summer holiday.
Important dates to remember
June 4 - Early Dismissal 2:00 pm
June 10 – Gr. 7/8 MCSA Track & Field
June 13 - Gr. 4/5/6 MCSA Track & Field
June 18 – Gr. 8 Retreat
June 20 – Wheelchair presentation 1:00 pm gym
June 21 – Kindergarten Grad 1:00 pm
June 24 – Gr. 7/8 Closing Ceremony (Grad) 7:00 pm
June 26 – Last day of school (Early Dismissal) 11:30 am
Have a Nice and Safe Summer!
If I can be of any assistance to either parents or students, please do not hesitate to call me or visit me at school.  I could be reached at (204) 237-4936.
God Bless all of you,
Alexander Cap, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Principal, Holy Cross School


4 - EARLY DISMISSAL - 2pm, Adoration of Mary in a.m.

6 - Feast of Pentecost Celebration - 2pm

10 - MCSA Track Meet - Grade 7 & 8

13 - MCSA Track Meet - Grade 4,5 & 6


18 - Grade 8 Retreat, PAC Meeting 7pm

20 - Wheelchair Presentation - 1pm

21 - Kindergarten Year End Celebration - 1pm

24 - Closing Ceremony / Grade 8 Grad - 7pm




Please click HERE to view the HOLY CROSS SCHOOL CALENDAR in its entirety.
In trying to keep our Holy Cross School families 'in the know', we will now be updating our website weekly with any events going on for the week ahead (masses, early dismissals, colour days, etc.).  Most of these events are always on our Calendar, but for quick reference it will be put on the Holy Cross School website homepage under "Upcoming Events".
Spring Tea Success!
Amid giant pink and orange blossoms, our students celebrated spring and the arts.   This year we celebrated our faith and sang traditional favourites like “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”, we signed “The Lord’s Prayer”, we danced through “How Great is our God”, some of our older classes wrote skits and acted our favourite bible stories like Noah’s Ark and the Resurrection.  All the classes performed and it was a great show.  The entire event was managed by the grade 8 students; from the very beginning by collecting ticket orders to cleaning up after the event.  With everyone’s hard work, we’ll be able to put over $2000 into new library books!
For more Spring Tea pictures, check out our Facebook Page!

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Soccer season was extremely successful. The Holy Cross Students developed the fundamentals of soccer, sportsmanship and teamwork. The evolution of the league throughout the course of the season is always fun to watch, from the first few weeks of practices, to that last game where each team is functioning as a cohesive unit and working together. Great job athletes! 

Thank you goes out to our amazing coaches Sabrina Smaczylo and Braden Ewchuck! 

Track and Field 

June 10th Grade 7-8 University of Manitoba 

June 13th Grade 4-6 University of Manitoba 

I wanted to take an opportunity to express my excitement that our Grade 4-8 classes participated in school wide track and field.

Holy Cross students continued accomplishments both on and off the field are shining examples of the focus of our mission; to develop student athletes to their fullest potential.

This year we have over 67 students going to the MCSAA University of Manitoba Track and Field representing Holy Cross School. 

Note to students - keep coming to track team practices & continue your individual development athletically and socially to prepare you for the lifelong journey of success ahead. 

Go Saints Go!

- Ms.Joy Chyzzy

Track & Field Grades 4, 5 & 6
Track & Field Grades 7 & 8

Jump Rope raised $2,518.75

A tremendous "thank you" to everyone who donated to Heart and Stroke - Jump Rope for Heart at Holy Cross School.  Congratulations to Kene C. who raised $765.00, and Miles G. who raised $470.00! We are very active as a school community & together we did this incredible fundraising!  A huge THANK YOU for everyone who helped, donated or was involved in Jump Rope activities. Our hearts are stronger together.
- Ms.Chyzzy

Heart & Stroke at Jump Rope For Heart. Together as a school, so much is possible!
The Harvest Collection for June is CANNED FISH OR POULTRY.  Donations can be brought into the office.  Thank you!
May was Music Month and what a month Holy Cross had - starting a little before.
April 29, the grade 6 classes participated in the Catholic Schools’ festival “Sing into Spring” at St. Maurice School, performing and watching others perform.
Music Monday, May 6 launched our Music Week, now in its third year.  We celebrated with St. Boniface high school, gathering to perform for each other and to sing together. For this 15th year of Music Monday, the anthem chosen (across Canada) was Oscar Peterson’s “Hymn to Freedom.”  When both schools concluded the assembly by joining in song, it was a great outpouring of voices, a sign of the power of music to unite.
From there our music week continued with daily music trivia questions, music workshops led by Mr. Lesage’s grade 5s, and Drop Everything and Listen moments at the discretion of classroom teachers.  Grade 4 had a visit from an opera singer, teaching them about opera and getting them involved in trying it out. We finished the week with a two-part assembly: a recital showcasing the musical skills of various students, followed by a performance and mass dance workshop by the Folklorama group “Spence Tradition”, a family music-and-dance group that had all 400 Holy Cross students on their feet trying the Red River Jig. Many thanks to a Music Monday grant from the Coalition for Music Education for making that possible!
Music Week was over, but Music Month had more in store: on May 14, grades 4, 5, 7 and 8 had a field trip to the symphony, where they got to hear an array of music with the theme of music as a language.  And of course, our month finished with the Spring Tea. It was a great month!
Opera Workshop
Symphony Reflections 2019
What interested me the most was when they played the Harry Potter theme song.  It’s a lot of practice to play.  It made me want to play the violin. (gr. 8)

It was cool how kids played the violin almost like pros and played the flute or recorder.  … And the woman who sang the song about her culture and came all the way from Edmonton to perform here for the kids who barely know a lot of music and history of it. (gr. 8)

It was definitely a different experience from when I went last time in grade 4… Now I can definitely sort out the instruments, and really hear the sound each instrument contributes into each composition. … I noticed the way the conductor moved his hands and how the melody seemed like it was floating through his hands.  It was definitely interesting to see how one single person could guide all those people at one time to be perfectly coordinated. (gr. 8)

I found it cool how we talked about how music is present in a lot of our daily life objects, like dancing, and telling time.  Music is one big subject with many different topics.  Music is how some people communicate, it’s a way of life. (gr. 8)

One particular performance was with the dancing.  The dancing really changed my perspective on the song.  I interpreted it to be the seasonal cycle.  The colours of the dancers showed how summer comes and goes, and how winter fades… Compared to our recordings in class it felt more alive there. (Gr. 8)

It was cool.  But what if music did not exist?  That would be weird. (gr. 4)

I love the symphony, and I hope to go there again!” (Gr. 4)

One thing I noticed during the symphony was that the conductor had very extravagant moves, and the conductor was also very energetic.  (Gr. 8)

The music symphony had all the songs we talked about in class.  In the front were the string family and behind that was the woodwind family.  In Vivaldi –Spring, I liked the violinists and the big bass had a very deep sound to it.  The conductor kept turning to show actions to a certain instrument family. (gr. 5)


All are Welcome!  We will be discussing the Grade 8 Farewell.
PAC is looking for volunteers to help with this year's Grade 8 Grad.  If you would be interested in helping out. please contact the office at 

Thank you! 
Hot Dog Lunch - Thursday, June 13th!
PAC is looking for new members!  We are in need of a Secretary and general members.  Here are the 
1.  It's a great way to meet other families with children the same age as your own.
2.  You will become a greater part of your children's early learning experiences!
3.  You can help raise money for a great cause - your children's education!
4.  You'll get to know the teachers at Holy Cross School and understand their needs and ideas.
5.  It's one more way to meet and talk with school administrators like the principal.
6.  You can create, plan, and execute events for the whole family!
7.  Meetings are only once a month for about an hour.
8.  Camaraderie.
9.  You'll experience feelings of self-worth through volunteering your time and seeing your efforts pay off in the smiles of your children and their friends.
10.  And finally, the last reason to join us...WE NEED YOU!!!
Everything is $5.00!  First come first served! 
By Statue of Mary.  
Want to donate?  Please drop off any gently used uniform donations at the office. 

Fun Times at CWSF!

The top grades 7-12 projects from the Bison Regional Science Fair moved on to represent Bison Manitoba at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Fredericton, NB from May 11 - 18, 2019 at the University of New Brunswick. The Canada Wide Science Fair is the largest youth oriented science event in Canada, and Fredericton welcomed 500 brilliant young minds from across the country for this national week long event, giving finalists an opportunity to compete for cash prizes, scholarships, and special awards that may very well shape their futures. In addition, they participated in a variety of science based activities/workshops on campus, as well as had the opportunity to explore the area and get up close and personal with the many cultural, social, scientific, and other activities that the Fredericton area has to offer during off-campus tours. - Dr. Bajaj
Canada Wide Science Fair Experience
by Jed Borrilo and John Ronin Zoleta

The jet engines roared furiously, pushing the people on the chartered flight into their navy, leather seats. The two hour, Toronto-destined plane ride, as we remember it, was unusually turbulent; that is, before we burst through the dull, thick, and pillowy clouds. It was May 11th, 2019; that long awaited day that brought our departures for the Canada Wide Science Fair.

This year, the prestigious national science fair would be held in the east-coast town, Fredericton, New Brunswick, where we were excitedly greeted by a group of exhilarated CWSF ambassadors upon our arrival at the Fredericton airport. Here, we took our luggage, which we had last seen in Winnipeg, and were ushered onto a bus that would drive us to the place in which we would be staying for the next week, the University of New Brunswick.

The UNB campus was overwhelmingly massive, mainly composed of tall, antiquated, red bricked buildings; many of which were the residences that we would be living in. After some time waiting on the bus, we were shown to our residence, the Joy W. Kidd building. In this building, we (John and Jed) would share a room, while our partners in crime, Dr. B. and Carlos would have rooms of their own. Unpacking was quite the ordeal, opening our luggages with crossed fingers hoping nobody’s models had broken! The rooms themselves were quite small with a wooden study table to separate two twin-sized beds, two plastic pillows, two Spartan mattresses, two matching wooden dressers, two mirrors, and two boys that got only two hours of sleep that night.

On the next day, May 12th, we awoke to the blaring sound of our 5:30 AM alarm. The reasoning behind our miserably early wake-up time was to be the first ones at the showers that everybody (of the same gender, of course) shared. After having the gelid waters of the Atlantic Ocean rain down on ourselves in the form of a shower, we headed back to our room to wait for breakfast.

Today officially began with the CWSF’s orientation, which consisted namely of what would happen in the coming days, and what to do during project setup later that day. Project setup was quite interesting in the sense that most of our time was spent either carrying models to the Richard J. Currie Centre or tirelessly searching for ladders or... tall people to put up our posters!

Today officially ended with the CWSF opening ceremony during which there was live music, palatable food, a pleasurable volleyball game with punching and war cries instead of bumping, and a special final announcement that ended up being a surprise fireworks show! This day ended with us asleep, and ready for judging the next morning.

May 13th was the big day; judging day to be specific. We, again, woke up agonizingly early as to be the first ones at the showers and to have some last-minute preparations. These preparations consisted of deciding what to say during certain presentations, and what to exempt in others. Breakfast came unexpectedly quickly, thereby expediting the coming of the dreaded judging process.

Tense and anxious, we walked downhill from our residence to the project zone, the Richard J. Currie Centre, where judging would take place. The project zone’s worrisome atmosphere did nothing more than worsen the already miserable mood; that is, until we met a bubbly personality by the name Mitchell. This was his second national science fair and was unsettlingly relaxed as compared to everybody else in the gargantuan row of projects. He enthusiastically told us not to be worried and that judging wouldn’t be as difficult as most make it out to be. All we could not was trust him; this was, after all, his second CWSF.

He was right. The judges came by, we explained our projects, answered a few questions regarding our projects, and they left. We were inordinately anxious for what we assumed would be eight hours of nerve-wracking interrogation that turned out to be merely eight hours of waiting genial discussion!

Our tiresome day ended with the Freddy Festival at the Boyce Farmers’s Market, where we were given VIP status! Here we had the opportunity to unwind from judging by doing manifold enjoyable things: we listened to live music, played carnival-esque games, and ate great food, namely cheesy wood-fired pizzas!

The next day, sadly, was quite a rainy one; even more so because it was the long anticipated tour day. It started with a two hour bus ride, during which we most definitely fell asleep, to a small, Nee Brunswick town called St. Stephens. During our time there, we visited Ganong’s chocolate factory; the oldest in Canada! From there, we had lunch in another small town, St. Andrews; everyone but me (Jed) had fish and chips. Oh, fish allergies. Instead, I had a cheeseburger. We, of course, took pictures before leaving, and left the small picturesque town for the Huntsman Aquarium.

Here, we did some activities regarding microscopes and phytoplankton, then went on to where we’d be able to hold slimy, cold fish, lobsters, starfish, and anemones; oh, fish allergies :) we ended the day by driving on the ocean floor!

The rest of our time at the CWSF was spent at public viewing, where several school across New Brunswick visited the CWSF to learn from our projects!  Stay Tuned for next year in Edmonton!
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