Updated School Entrance Plan

To: Parents and Guardians
From: Alexander Cap, Principal, Holy Cross School
Subject: Update on HCS Schedule (Revised and Staggered Entrance)

As a follow up to my last letter, I stated that I would keep you informed of any changes that may impact on Holy Cross School and your child. Safety of your child and academic excellence is always a priority at our institution.  Due to unforeseen entrance challenges a revised schedule has been created to more effectively and safely control the entrance of all HCS students beginning Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

Kindly be advised of the following important changes that MUST be followed:

Pre-Kindergarten Students: All Pre-K students will now use the Administration’s front door for Entry and Exit on Dubuc Street.

Kindergarten Students: All Kindergarten students will now use the Gym Door (located at the front of the gym) for Entry and Exit on Dubuc Street.

Grade 1 to 8 students:

1) Grade 1 to 8 students will continue to meet at the rear of the school (Parking Lot) with designated signs posted on various pillars. Supervision will start at 8:00 am. Entry will be staggered by cohorts, grades, maintaining a safe distance and begin at 8:20 am - when the school bell rings. Teachers will meet and greet each student in their classrooms after 8:20 am.  

 2) Should you need to drop off your child earlier that the time frame that is posted above, then you must drop off your child ONLY at the front gymnasium door. Please remember the child must be registered in the Before and After School program which starts at 7:00 am. All parents entering the gym doors to drop off or pickup their child MUST wear a protective mask. A staff member will be present to welcome students at the door.

3) Weather Information/Conditions:

HCS has made climate-smart and safe decisions when weather conditions should abruptly change. The following procedure will take precedence:

a) Pre-Kindergarten Students: All Pre-K students will use the Administration’s front door for Entry and Exit on Dubuc Street.

b) Kindergarten Students: All Kindergarten students will use the Gym Door (located at the front of the gym) for Entry and Exit on Dubuc Street.

c) Grade 1 to 8 students: will be entering at 8:20 am using the (Back Door – Parking Lot).

d) All classroom doors: will be opened to accommodate students.

Any student arriving at Holy Cross School after 8:30am must be buzzed in through the front office door and signed in at the office before proceeding to their classroom.


PreK – exit 2:45pm at the front office door
Kindergarten – exit 2:40pm at the front gym doors
Grade 1,2,3,4 – exit 2:50pm - 3:00pm at the rear double doors
Grade 5 – exit 2:50pm at the rear double doors
Grade 6,7,8 – exit 2:45pm at the rear double doors
If your child is not picked up on time they will be placed in the After School Program in the cafeteria.  Parents must enter through the front gym doors, and wear a mask to pick up their children from the Program.  The After School Program is free until 3:30pm.

4) Lunch and School Supplies
Due to COVID 19, it is strongly encouraged that parents provide a cold lunch for their child on a daily basis.  HCS prefers that student school supplies be staggered in on a daily basis.

5) Resource Info regarding Screening of your child (prior to attending school) Parents will be expected to screen their children for COVID-19 related symptoms, and all flu and cold related symptoms, including but not limited to: runny noses, sore throat, cough, fever or chills, shortness of breath, fatigue or weakness, body aches, loss of smell and taste, headache, gastrointestinal symptoms vomiting, feeling very unwell. Please note that children have been more commonly reported to have abdominal symptoms, and skin abdominal pain, diarrhea, changes or rashes. Please click on the Government of Canada link to familiarize yourselves with COVID-19 screening and follow the advice provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Children will not be allowed to attend school with any of these symptoms. Any child found having symptoms upon arrival at the school or suspected of having developed any of these symptoms during the school day, will be removed from other children immediately and placed in isolation for immediate pick-up by a parent or someone on their designated emergency contact list.

You will be kept informed should any further updates come from the Department of Education regarding school matters.

God Bless and thank you for your support.

Alexander Cap, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Principal, Holy Cross School


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