School Life


Our school has embarked on a community-building, spirit-boosting plan in which students and staff work together to make Holy Cross School a better place. We use The Virtues Project as a means to bring out the best in our students. This plan, with our faith in Jesus Christ, is building an inclusive and joyful school.

What does it look like?

All students and staff, from Kindergarten to Grade 8, are grouped into five houses, each named after a saint. The range of students in each house builds community, familiarity and multi-grade friendships because students work together, depending on each other and leading others. Older students develop leadership skills while acting as role models for our younger students.

What do we do?

Every month, our school focuses on a different virtue. Each House chooses its activities for the month to correspond with that particular virtue. Students implement a plan to demonstrate the virtue. Houses work together to create visible reminders of our goals as a virtue-filled faith community. Houses work together to score points through food drives and living the virtues. Walk our halls and you’ll see what we believe in.

Virtue of the Month

As well, once a month, one house leads an assembly focusing on a virtue. In the past, we’ve worked on respect, thankfulness, peacefulness and generosity.

Who Do We Identify With?

St. Francis

Respecting the Environment


St. Joan of Arc

Creating Peacefulness


St. Gabriel

Sharing Our Love


St. Nicholas

A Spirit of Generosity


St. Peter

Commitment to Others

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