Subject Areas

Art is both a form of communication and a way to express ideas and feelings. It is a language concerned with the development of the processes involved in visual perception and aesthetic experience. As an essential part of education, the practice and understanding of art calls upon qualities of insight and is one fundamental way of organizing our understanding of the world.

Students at Holy Cross School participate in several varieties of art throughout the year, from drawing, to painting, to creating sculptures, to the Artists in Residence Program. In Grades 7 & 8, students have art as a subject area, built into their timetable. This dedicated time creates opportunities for students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities of art making and a sound appreciation of artworks created from different cultural and historical climates. Once students have learned the fundamentals of the particular topic, they are able to spend this dedicated time creating their own individual artwork.

Artists in Residence Program

Each year, Holy Cross School hosts an Artists in Residence Program, where artists are invited to spend two weeks at the school. The program presented by the resident artists vary from year to year and in the past have included sculpture making, dance and Japanese drumming. Students from Kindergarten through Grade 8 participate in several lessons during the two weeks and then display their final work, either through a finished piece of art or by presenting to the school during an assembly.

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