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At Holy Cross School, students begin learning French in Kindergarten and continue their studies through Grade 8.

In this modern era of globalization, being able to communicate in more than one language has proven to be an asset to anyone aspiring to be an active member of society. French speakers have contributed greatly to many aspects of Canadian society and remain a strong cultural presence, especially in Winnipeg.

By learning another language, students develop communication skills as well as an understanding of social, historical and familial relationships. Additionally, language studies assist students in gaining a greater appreciation and respect for foreign cultures. In a unique way, languages also require learners to engage in self-reflection because effective communication in a new language requires the learner to move outside the norms, practices and acquired behaviours of their first language.

In many ways, studying French offers the opportunity for students to pursue diverse and exciting pathways later in life and has rewards at both personal and professional levels. Many employers actively seek employees with an understanding of more than one language and job opportunities exist for French speakers in such fields as government, business, trade, technology and diplomacy, among others.

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