Subject Areas

With the advances in information technology in society, computers have made their way into every area of modern life, including education. In short, computer literacy is needed to prepare students for working and living in a computerized society.


In the classroom

Holy Cross School has embraced information and communications technology (ICT) as an important educational tool and has incorporated it into every classroom. Interactive whiteboards (Smartboards) are installed in each room, providing collective learning for students, as well as providing the most current information available through the Internet. Homework is also posted online, facilitating communication between teachers, parents and students.

The development of information technology and the Internet has dramatically increased the quantity of information available in digital form. This reality has created the need for students to be made aware of privacy and copyright issues emerging from the collection of digital information. An awareness of issues of health, safety, piracy, privacy, global access and implications of Internet use will also be investigated and discussed.


Computer lab

Holy Cross School offers a fully networked system with wi-fi on over 30 laptops, allowing each student to be able to work independently on their own machine. Students learn up-to-date computer skills using the latest operating system and software programs available. ICT is also integrated into all subject areas, with one lesson per cycle dedicated as an ICT period that allows students to be introduced to new concepts and software in order for students to use these programs in their assignments.

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