Subject Areas

All students at Holy Cross School have music incorporated into their timetable. This follows the belief that all students' lives need to be enriched by a quality musical education that allows them to explore, create, perform, listen to and value music as an integral part of their daily experience and our culture.

Students learn the recorder, guitar, and other percussion instruments during their classes.

The music program includes all styles of music through:

  • Practical and performance activities
  • Music literacy
  • Composition
  • Aural awareness
  • Musical appreciation
  • Discussing/evaluating music

Furthermore, students volunteer to perform O Canada on a daily schedule for the whole school during the morning announcements.

We also have a Holy Cross School Choir which participates in mass as well as performs during assemblies.

Students in Grade 8 are offered the opportunity to participate in a guitar/band class.

Private music lessons are also offered to students by Academy of Music, where they send qualified teachers to provide lessons at Holy Cross during the school day.

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