Subject Areas

Social studies addresses many important subject areas such as history, geography, world and social justice issues. Studying social studies creates informed and conscientious citizens of the 21st century.


History is the study and practice of understanding and making meaning of the past. It is also a study of the problems of establishing and representing meaning. The study builds on a conceptual and historical framework within which students can develop an understanding of their own time and place.


Geography provides insight to students to an increasingly complex and ever-changing world. It is a unique area of the curriculum, which forms a vital part of the preparation of every student for effective participation in society. Students are encouraged to collect, organize and interpret information about their surroundings and to discover their own values and attitudes towards their "natural" and "man-made" environments.

The geography syllabus encompasses a broad spectrum of topics and issues at a variety of scales from local to global. The areas selected for study are flexible and constantly changing; they are the ones considered most relevant to the needs and lives of young people and current issues will be incorporated as they arise.

Social justice

Social justice is a strong element of the Catholic church, as an advocate for those with little or no voice. We introduce our students to such issues happening around our world and what we, as a faith community, can do to be a part of change.

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