Holy Cross School

Contacting The School

The school's office is open from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday during the school year. You can reach the school secretary at (204)-237-4936. If, for some reason, the secretary is unable to take your call, please leave a message. The school’s message manager is checked on a regular basis.

Quarterly Newsletters/News Bulletins

Each quarter the school will issue a newsletter to all families. The newsletter will contain valuable information about the academic programs at each grade level, administrative information, and news from the School Board and the Parents Advisory Council. We ask all families to take time to read the newsletter and highlight items that are of importance. We ask that families check the calendar regularly for updates and school events. A weekly News Bulletin will be sent on Fridays. We ask that families read the information provided.

To view our quarterly newsletters, please visit our Newsletter page.

Yearly Calendar of Events

This calendar of events is listed on the school website. We ask families to note that this is a general guide of dates to remember. There will be times when adjustments will need to be made for varying reasons. Such changes to the calendar will be communicated through the News Bulletins.

Parent Concerns

At Holy Cross School, we encourage parents/guardians to have open communication with classroom teachers and the school administration. If, for any reason, you wish to contact school personnel, please phone the school office. A message will be left for the teacher to return the call to discuss the issue or make arrangements for a meeting.

If parents/guardians wish to speak to the school's administration, please contact the school office. The secretary will either put you through immediately or leave a message for the administration to return your call. All calls from parents and caregivers are returned promptly.

Materials Distribution

The following are Holy Cross School’s guidelines for the distribution and/or posting* of materials on the school’s website or designated bulletin board, including information or questionnaires in Holy Cross School to parents/guardians or students:

  • Any agency or individual interested in distributing/posting print materials, letters, or questionnaires intended for promotion, profit or commercial purposes must obtain the authorization of the school’s principal prior to the involvement of any school members, parents/guardians or students in such activity
  • The principal, in consultation with the school board, will review the merit of the proposed activity and the potential impact it would have on the welfare of the students, parents/guardians, instructional time and educational environment
  • The principal, in consultation with the school board, may grant participation in such activities if they support the aims and outcomes of the curriculum and Catholic institution

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