Holy Cross School

Homework at Holy Cross School is intended to help students reinforce what is being taught in their classes, and to help develop a strong work ethic.

Homework also helps prepare students for tests and other forms of assessment on a continuous basis, rather than having students ‘cram’ the information in the night before.

When students have a homework assignment, it allows them to work at their own pace and effectively learn the material being presented, rather than be restricted by time constraints.

To facilitate both students and parents with accessing homework assignments, Holy Cross School utilizes a Microsoft Teams, which allows teachers to post the homework for their class for that particular day or week. Test notifications and other important dates are also present on the website, which is unique for each teacher and subject area.

Our Teachers




Mrs. Pam Bembenek /

Mrs. Jirapan Dimalanta


Mrs. Elaine Pankiw


Ms. Sabrina Smaczylo

Grade 1

Mrs. Mariia Polishchuk

Grade 1/2

Ms. Sinden Carswell

Grade 2

Mrs. Marita Perez

Grade 3

Ms. Kelly Cruse

Grade 3

Mr. Dale Krawchuk

Grade 4

Mr. Braden Ewchuk

Grade 4/5

Mrs. Jean Gulowaty

Grade 5

Ms. Michelle Kostiw

Grade 6

Ms. Natashia Viseli 

Grade 7

Mr. Antony Paulic

Grade 7

Ms. Jamie Oakley

Grade 8

Mrs. Cheryl Munro

Grade 8

Dr. Anju Bajaj /

Mr. Rom Ciric


Mrs. Michelle Henshaw


Mrs. Heather Lampman


Ms. Karen Stubbs

Educational Assistants

Mrs. Trish Neusitzer
Ms. Raquel Sineiro
Ms. Mary Rose Tabing
Ms. Tracy Fraser
Ms. Susie DeSantis
Ms. Viktoriya Mozolevska
Ms. Karina Parashchak

Before & After School Program

Ms. Mary Rose Tabing
Ms. Tracy Fraser
Sr. Justina Olanigi
Sr. Echaria Mgbeadichie

Building Maintenance

Mr. Orest Serediuk


Mr. Rudy Beunafe

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Anna Katchanovski


Mrs. Jill Anderson

Vice Principal

Dr. Anju Bajaj


Ms. Rachael Andrew